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1. Introductory information
WRRCLive is a web software (web service) that provides audiomarketing services. Horyzont Tv
Słubice sp. z o.o. company pays great attention to the problem of users’ privacy, therefore, with
due diligence it cares about the safety of the transmitted data using appropriate technical and
organizational measures. Moreover, the service the company offers, found at is of an open character for testing purposes. As part of the service, the user
may set up an account and enter his/her personal information voluntarily. Data they enter are
kept secret by Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o.. All personal data is protected in accordance with
data protection laws in force in Poland and decisions imposed by Polish Inspector General for
Personal Data Protection and cannot be shared with third parties.

2. Data Administrator (Service Administrator)
The Administrator of users’ personal data is Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o. company. The
administrator of WRRCLive company with registered office at: ul. Piłsudskiego 17, 69-100
Słubice, Polska, NIP number: PL598-161-08-28, REGON number: 080348726. Users’ personal
data are processed by Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o. in accordance with the provisions of the Act
of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text: Journal of Laws of 2014,
item 1182 with amendments), and Act of 18 July, 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic
Means, for the purpose of maintaining contact by Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o. with the users
and proper functioning of Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o. services (including web service). The
user shall not receive marketing and sales information from any third parties.

3. Obtaining Information About Users
The service obtains information about users in the following way: by receiving information
entered by the users voluntarily into web form (registration form); by storing cookies files (ie.
“cookies”); by collecting web server logs by hosting operator. Giving any personal data is
voluntary. Giving the user’s email address is required during the process of setting up an
account because it is necessary to initiate the test service. In order to conclude a contract for
the provision of the Instore service the Service Provider shall issue a proforma invoice. Service
Provider issues this invoice on the basis of the data provided by the user. The user has the right
to access his or her data and correct them. The user is asked during the registration process to
provide the following information: name, e-mail address (login), password (access to the web
service), the address of residence (or business premises), postal code, city, country, telephone
number (optional), NIP number (for companies).
The user can invite other people to join using the service by sending them an invitation link. In
this case, the user is entitled to display data (email, name and surname) of the invited people
and agrees to display the data about himself/herself that were previously introduced by
him/her as part of his/her account. By clicking on an invitation link in the invitation e-mail the
invited person agrees to obtain his/her data by the Service Administrator.

4. The usage of data
As part of the web service any personal data entered by the user are displayed to the user who
entered the data and to people the user invited to use the service. Any data is displayed only
after logging in. No data is displayed to people who are not logged in and who are viewing the
web service. The data that the user made available are processed for purposes related to the
services provided by Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o., in particular, for the purpose of maintaining
contact with the user and to make the purchase transaction for the services possible by the
user. If Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o. receives a court lawful decision to reveal users personal
data, Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o. shall make them available to the authorized entities under
applicable law, including the relevant judicial authorities. Furthermore, in the case of material
breach of Terms of use of Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o., Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o. reserves
the right to inform the competent judicial authorities about an infringement made by the user.
According to the Terms of use of Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o. service, the accounts of users
who violated the aforementioned Terms shall be deleted without refund of the amount paid for

5. Data Protection
Users’ personal data are protected by Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o.against their disclosure to
unauthorized entities and other possibilities of their disclosure, as well as against the loss,
destruction or unauthorized modification of data or information, by using appropriate
information security and organizational measures, as well as by using web application security
technologies, in particular, data encryption systems.

6. Change and removal of data
Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o. provides users access to the content of their personal data, the
possibility to view and modify them. The user, in particular, has the right to bring a written,
reasoned request to cease processing of personal data due to a particular situation, in
accordance with applicable law. has the right to refuse to remove the user’s data, if
the user did not settle all payments for services to the benefit of the company or if the user
violated the Terms of use of Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o. service or applicable law, and the
data preservation is necessary to explain the circumstances and determine the liability of the

7. Cookies
Horyzont Tv Słubice sp. z o.o. uses cookies. Cookies are computer data, in particular text files
that are stored in the user terminal computer equipment. Cookies usually contain the name of
the website from which they originate, their storage time on the terminal computer equipment
and a unique number. The entity that places cookies files on the user’s terminal computer
equipment and which has the access to them is the Service Administrator. Information collected
by means of cookies are used for personalization of services and content and their adjustment
to individual needs and preferences of the users, as well as serve as a tool to develop general
statistics regarding the use of the web service by users. The data collected are used for technical
purposes, related to the administration of the server and allow to collect general, statistical and
demographic information e.g. about the region from which the connection is being established
most often.

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